The Wise Fool Art Podcast

Deconstructing the Visual Arts industry and trying to piece it all together again. The Wise Fool Art Podcast is a journey through the Venn diagram of the global art world. Talking with artists, curators, art collectors, art forgers, art historians, art attorneys, museum directors and more. Episodes available twice weekly.


Sculptor + Visual Philosopher, Steve Tobin (USA)

Ceramic 3D Printer + Researcher – Tom Lauerman (USA)

Experimental Philosopher, Jonathon Keats (USA)

Painter, Hynek Martinec (CZ + UK)

Photographer, Florian Hetz (Germany)

Photographer, Alun Be (Senegal)

New Media Artist, Nancy Baker Cahill (USA)

Art Advisor, Elements in Play, Karen Boyer (USA)

Photographer, Evelyn Bencicova (Slovakia + Germany)

Illustrator + Painter, Kristen Liu-Wong (USA)

Director + CEO of Anchorage Museum, Julie Decker (USA)

Interdisciplinary Artist, Autumn Knight (USA)

Art Advisor, Pilar Vahey (NYC, USA)

Sculptor, Painter + Professor, Yana Payusova (USA)

Photographer, Elinor Carucci (NYC, USA)

Gallerist, Vivienne Roberts, Aleph Contemporary (UK)

Vincent Peters – Celebrity, Fashion + Fine Art Photographer

Art Collector, Book Publisher + Adventurer, Erling Kagge

Artistic Director of Arctic Culture Lab, Dr. Andreas Hoffman (Norway + Greenland)

Curator, Daría Sól Andrews (USA + Iceland)