The Wise Fool Art Podcast

A University Art Professor embarks on a journey far away from the ivory tower of academia to discover what the contemporary visual art world is all about. A taboo-free place where artistic curiosity meets a rebellious attitude - The Wise Fool Art Podcast is a show full of wit with some of the most interesting conversations you did not even know you wanted to hear. Curated by Matthew Dols and though he is an academic, this podcast is as far from academic as possible - anyone with an open mind and in interest in creativity is welcome along for the ride. Episodes every Tuesdays and Thursdays.

BTS @ LIAF – Hans Christian Skovholt, Technical Producer

BTS @ LIAF – Berte Ynnesdal, Festival Producer

Ahmed Umar, Multidisciplinary Artist (Norway + Sudan)

Pia Eikaas, Conceptual Artist (Norway)

Oslo Art Scene – Petter Morken + Kari Ane Golf (Norway)

Creating an Exhibition – Kristine Wessel + Jarle Strømodden (Norway)

Public Art in Norway – Vibeke Christensen + Kristine Wessel, Mesen (Norway)

Jarle Strømodden, Museum Director, The Vigeland Museum (Norway)

Katrin Inga Jonsdottir Hjordisardottir, Multimedia Artist (Iceland)

Martynas Petreikis, SÍM Residency Project Manager + Curator (Iceland)

Þórhildur Tinna Sigurðardóttir, Project Manager, Icalendic Pavilion at Venice Biennale (Iceland)

Sayed Sattar Hasan, Process-Based Artist (UK + Norway)

STEiNUNN, Fashion Designer + String Artist (Iceland)

Nína Óskarsdóttir, Conceptual Ceramic Artist (Iceland)

Ingunn Fjóla Ingþórsdóttir, Conceptual Artist (Iceland)

Helga Lilja Magnúsdóttir – Clothing Designer, Helicopter (Iceland)

Pari Stave, Director of Skaftfell (Iceland)

Cecily Chambers + Collier Grimm, Artist Representatives, Form Artists (USA)

Mike Carroll – Gallerist + Artist, The Schoolhouse Gallery (USA)

Retrospective: Outtakes