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  1. Thanks for posting. Not only informative for amateurs but also revealing of Mr. Sturges’ warmth and intelligence.

    Rus Benson 2 months ago Reply
  2. In the early nineties I got a call from Jock. He was in town and wanted to stop by and introduce himself. This was shortly after my boyfriend passed away and Paul was a big fan. Paul had articles about Jock’s work taped to the wall beside his desk. Like it was yesterday, I carefully pulled the tape off the wall so not to damage the articles the things that meant and spoke volumes and suddenly Jock’s on the phone ! I was petrified ! Expecting the door to open and Edgar Allan Poe floating over a fog I couldn’t have gotten it more wrong. And there he was baseball cap and jeans saying “ Howdy”. Jock is my very best friend in the world. He is balanced on board of high morals and good old fashion honor.

    Marlaine Noel 2 months ago Reply

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